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Releasing Crossywalk 🚸

The first little project of 2023

Published on January 26, 2023

happy new year

Staying true to my 2023 plan, I shipped my first personal project of the year - and a few days ahead of schedule.

Crossywalk is a place for everyone to suggest and vote on crosswalks they should exist. That’s it 🤷

Watch my video walkthrough here!

why this¿

Apart from the - hopeful - social good that can come out of this, I was getting tired of crossing Bloor at the Longos (opposite 121) when coming out of the TTC to get to work.

I bet that everyone else who worked in that building also hated it, so why not give people a place to upvote their displeasure?

Screenshot of crossywalk UI


  • Next.js, Tailwind
  • Mapbox, Google Maps geocoding and places (wanted to learn about using maps so this was a good excuse)
  • Heroku Postgres (using my student credits for once lol)
  • Deployed on Vercel with Plausible analytics

Stay tuned for more >>:)