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A moment for CareerMatcha 🍵

A more ambitious project, still in progress

Published on March 28, 2023

What is it this time

Once again staying true to my 2023 plan, I shipped my second personal project of the year - slightly after my self-imposed Feb 28 deadline but I swear I got it out that week.

CareerMatcha is a career path database and suite of tools for career inspo and decision making. At least that’s the goal.

Watch my video walkthrough here!

What I’ve done so far

There’s a waitlist (with a surprising number of people on it), and there’s a private beta floating around with a small initial dataset and some other features. I’m working on a potential mentorship matching service as well, as that seems to be a popular request.

Why do this?

Bit of a confluence of factors. I like building things, and career stuff is always on our minds - especially the under-30s crowd.

I feel like there are two main points when you start to question your life immensely: your final year of uni when you can’t land a job, and a few years after grad when you realise you don’t really like the job that you did land. If you made it past your 20s without feeling these, congrats!

If CareerMatcha can somehow provide inspiration and guidance during these kinda-dark-but-not-that-dark days, then I’d consider that a success.

Screenshot of CareerMatcha UI

There’s still a waitlist at the time of writing, but the main URL will eventually throw you to the actual platform.


  • Next.js, Tailwind (again)
  • PostgreSQL + Prisma
  • Deployed on Vercel with Plausible analytics