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An update to the plan

A updated plan for 2023, because things change

Published on April 5, 2023

The plan for 2023, v2

Added some new thoughts in italics

Jan - Apr

  • Actively not look for work - I’ve come to realise that I might be better served with more professional experience, both to better understand the industries I care about (transportation, urban design) and to build my technical skills
  • ⏳ Work on tuuli instead - Still going, made some pitches and won some money
  • ✅ Ship at least 2 personal projects I’ve been putting off: 1. Crossywalk and 2. CareerMatcha

May - Jun

  • Revisit HK, finally 💀
  • Visit Japan, Taiwan, and Australia too

Jul - Sep

  • Try not to run out of money - Still true, but when is this not true?
  • ??? - Also never not true

Oct - Dec

  • Realistically probably look for jobs - The process is starting now 😎